Always April and Artist Bashaar Al Jawad Spread Hope and Positivity in "Ti Ra Ra"

March 22, 2021
Always April and Artist Bashaar Al Jawad " Always April and Artist Bashaar Al Jawad "

Beirut,: The Lebanese producer and DJ Always April and Artist Bashaar Al Jawad released “Ti Ra Ra” in collaboration with Universal Music MENA with an uplifting music video.

“Ti Ra Ra” highlights a new trend in the Arabic music incorporating the Dance/Electronic vibe with a message that spreads hope, positivity, and optimism through its lyrics with a catchy chorus.

“We have all been through so much lately and people from all backgrounds, nationalities and ages have been feeling tired; losing hope and passion to dream for a better future. Each one of us has a role to play in the society we live in. We hope to make a difference through our song by spreading positivity and enthusiasm to all generations!” said Always April and Bashaar Al Jawad.

“Music can be a great source of relief and a way to express feelings through uplifting beats; so, we came up with “Ti Ra Ra” to spread the positive energy we all need during these hard times, to draw a smile on people’s faces and lift their moral”. They added

“Ti Ra Ra” is now available on all music platforms with the official music video, directed by Elie El Semaan, available on YouMusic Arabia Channel.

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