Amr Kamal and Hassan Shakoush are only Tunisia left

September 06, 2020
Hani Shaker ends the story of Amr Kamal and Hassan Shakoush Hani Shaker ends the story of Amr Kamal and Hassan Shakoush Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Egyptian news vision: - It seems that the Egyptian festivals singers, Amr Kamal and Hassan Shakoush, no longer have a solution but to stay in Tunisia, where they found the honor and nightly boxes to sing in, after the artist Hani Shaker, the head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, made a final decision regarding them.

Hani Shukr said in a phone call with Wael Al-Ibrashi, a journalist on the "Ninth" program, that the Syndicate Council issued a decision to permanently stop dealing with Hassan Shakoush and Amar Kamal after they held a party in Tunis.

Hani Shaker had sent a letter to the Tunisian Musicians Syndicate and asked them to stop concerts by Hassan Shakoush, Omar, and Kamal.

Indeed, the Tunisian side agreed and the Ministry of Interior was contacted to stop their concerts. But the Oscar Libya Festival honored them, and then the duo started singing inside the night cans and published parts of those concerts on social media.

Hani Shaker added that the head of the Tunisian Musicians Syndicate contacted him before Hassan Shakoush and َAmar Kamal's concerts, and explained to him their legal position by saying that they are not members of the Syndicate and are not entitled to work without a permit.

Hani Shaker expressed his dissatisfaction with not being supported by the media, since he stopped them because of the words coming out in their songs, he did not find support, but unfortunately, some defend them and are hosted in the programs as they presented an art that had not been presented before.

Hani Shaker continued his talk about Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal's concerts in Tunisia that he has no right to stop any concert outside Egypt, and any country has the right to host them and hold concerts for them.

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