Angie Khoury naked with her brother

December 21, 2019
Angie Khoury naked with her brother Angie Khoury naked with her brother Source de l'image: - google

A new stage of controversy has been sparked by the Syrian actress, Engy Khoury, and it seems that it will be the last, as it appeared to encourage incest.

This comes after accusations from the Lebanese actress, Qamar Angie Khoury, that she is a homosexual, and she and her father are prostitutes.

The video raised a wave of controversy about the artist's relationship with her brother, especially that their appearance in this situation is not appropriate, and some went to accuse the artist of establishing a relationship with her brother, based on the statements of the Lebanese artist "Qamar" that the artist Angie Khoury is racing with her mother to work in prostitution, noting that the family All suspicions revolve around it.

Angie Khoury posted a new video clip on Twitter, which sparked a lot of controversy, for appearing with her younger brother naked inside her bedroom.

The controversial artist appeared, almost naked, while her brother appeared without clothes from the top and hairdresser, exchanging laughter and beating her on the neck from the back.

And Engi Khoury was deported from Lebanon, and then deported from the Emirates to Syria because of her scandals and bold appearance in videos and semi-pornographic images.

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