Karen Rizkallah approves of premarital sexual relations

March 31, 2021
Bold statements from Karen Rizkallah Bold statements from Karen Rizkallah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - The Lebanese actress, Karen Rizkallah, made controversial statements through the "Confrontation" program presented by Rudolf Hilal on the Lebanese Sout Beirut International and LBCI channels.

Actress Karen Rizkallah said that she agrees to the sexual relationship before marriage, and accepts that one of her two daughters do this, and she said that her daughter, as soon as she reaches the age of 18 years of age, begins to enjoy personal freedom, and as for choosing the experiences that she wants to go through To be exposed to no harm.

On the other hand, Karen Rizkallah indicated that she is never opposed to presenting some bold scenes, such as kisses and others in dramas, and her bold statements raised a state of great controversy among all viewers.

Karen Rizkallah was born in Saida to a Lebanese father and a Mexican mother named Nadia Christina Martinez Hobeika, and her father works as a civil engineer and plays the oud, and her mother died at the age of 13 and studied acting and theater at the Lebanese University, even though her father specialized in acting and directing, She married Fadi Charbel, who was her classmate inside the university.

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