Photo album for Basma Bousil, and congratulations to Tamer Hosny

July 21, 2021
Moroccan Basma Bousil presents her followers on Instagram with new photos Moroccan Basma Bousil presents her followers on Instagram with new photos

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: - Followers of the retired Moroccan artist, Basma Bousil, wife of the Egyptian star, Tamer Hosni, are interested in her looks, her choices for her clothes, and the fashion lines she chooses, in addition to hair and makeup, because she mixes the spirit of Morocco and the fashion of the East.

Basma Bousil always shares her followers on the global photo-sharing site, Instagram, with new photos, whether from the occasions she was attending, or during outings and spending the summer vacation.

Basma also shared a group of photos and videos via the STORIES feature, in which she appeared during a picnic with her husband, Tamer Hosni and her daughter.

Basma Bousil was keen to congratulate Tamer Hosni on the success of his latest movie, "Mesh That", where she published the poster of the film through her account on Instagram, and a writer commented: "Congratulations, my love. I am really proud of you, and all the team that was with you to make this wonderful movie."

The last film of Tamer Hosni caused a controversy caused by the Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, which led the Egyptian Actors Syndicate to issue a communication in which she objected to the statements and blogs of the Egyptian artist, who is returning after retirement.

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