The Actors Syndicate in Egypt responds to Hala Shiha

July 16, 2021
Hala Shiha and a return to the controversy of repentance Hala Shiha and a return to the controversy of repentance Hala Shiha calls on Egyptian artists to repent

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The statements of the Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, prompted the Actors Syndicate to issue a statement in which it rejected the calls of some isolated artists to return to dark eras, and attack art and artists under the cover of repentance, as if their talents were a sin.

This came in the wake of the crisis of the artist Hala Shiha and the movie "Mesh Anna", with the artist Tamer Hosni, and the recent statements that disturbed the artistic community when an attack on art and its workers appeared, and the union stressed its rejection of attempts to distort art and creators.

The text of the statement of the Syndicate of Actors in Egypt came: “The Board of Directors of the Representative Professions Syndicate announces its complete rejection of all attempts to take us back by spreading the dark thought that Egyptian society has suffered from for decades, whether through public pages through electronic media or private pages for those who retire from art under the cover of repentance, as if talent Which God granted the creators a sin.

The statement added: "The Council of the Representative Professions Syndicate announces that it will not stand still in the face of attempts to distort art and creativity, which is one of the cultural indicators of vision development in civilized societies, and also confirms full support for creativity and creators in all arts in general and representative professions in particular, as some leave the circle of art and their repeated return to it. Rather, it expresses intellectual fluctuation and a vision that may be governed by personal interests, which are rare cases and express only themselves.”

And the union continued in its statement: "The Council of the Representative Professions Syndicate calls for a boycott of these pages, whose owners want to return to our cultural vision of square zero in a new reaction that targets only private interests at the expense of the public interest of this country, which does not and will not swallow the taste of extremism that led to violence and chaos."

The artist, Hala Shiha, returned to stir controversy again and surprised everyone with violent statements about art and artists, and launched a scathing attack against the artist Tamer Hosni and his new movie "Mesh Ana" and repudiated the art.

Shiha said that Tamer Hosni ignored her request to prevent the release of the video clip for his new song "Bahebak" from his latest movie, which is currently showing "Mish Ana", which includes a number of romantic scenes that brought them together.

It seems that the date of the clip's release disturbed Shiha, as she said through her account on "Instagram": "I was surprised that the clip came out in the days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah."

Hala Shiha is known for causing controversy over the 18 years of her artistic history, between the veil and the niqab and taking them off, and between acting with the hijab, retirement and travel, Hala Shiha's career has been throughout the years of her career.

Shiha took off the niqab and announced her return to Egypt and her desire to return to art again two years ago, after many years of retiring and residing outside Egypt.

Her audience welcomed this decision and was received by producers, directors, and artists, and presented a number of artworks, and attended a number of festivals before announcing her marriage to the preacher, Moez Masoud, after which she returned again to stay away from the spotlight, and then to her recent statements in which she disavows art once again.

Tamer Hosni had published a song entitled "I Love You", to advertise his new movie "Mish Ana", which was written by Muhammad Mohsen, composed by Muhammad Siraj, distributed by "Touma".

And co-starring with Tamer Hosni, Majed Al-Kadwany, Sawsan Badr, and Hala Shiha, a story, script and dialogue by Tamer Hosni, directed by Sarah Wafik

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