Video, Yemeni Arwi defends Hind Al-Qahtani's rear

November 23, 2020
In the video, Hind Al-Qahtani shows off her body charms In the video, Hind Al-Qahtani shows off her body charms Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Vision Egypt News: Yemeni actress "Arwa" defended Saudi Hind Al-Qahtani and said that the video she published is a fashion show and that the controversy surrounding the video is not justified, and she said I love her as a blogger.

Hind Al-Qahtani had published a video on her official health on the global photo exchange site, Instagram, and appeared in the video, wearing a dress that showed her charm.

Hind Al-Qahtani was walking home and back to the tunes of the Lebanese singer Alyssa, trying to highlight her bottom, which was tight in the dress.

Her followers criticized her for her insistence on showing off her body charms, which they considered not just a fashion show but an attempt to seduce.

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