Election fraud in Turkey causes the escape of businessmen

May 07, 2019
Election fraud in Turkey causes the escape of businessmen Election fraud in Turkey causes the escape of businessmen

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Turkey is entering a difficult and dangerous economic phase after a number of businessmen who did not feel safe in the country fled.

The news from Ankara shows that some 4,000 millionaires and Turkey's tribes are the fourth most on the list of countries where businessmen fled.

The escape of businessmen and millionaires from Turkey was due to fraud election results in Ankara, according to the interpretation of a recent study published by the newspaper "Zaman" Turkish.

Turkey is suffering from a major economic crisis that peaked in August 2018.

The currency lost almost a third of its value, which cast a shadow over all areas of economic activity in the country and had a negative impact on investments.

The study of the migration of international wealth from the occupation of Turkey ranked fourth in the world, among the most left countries of the rich, while China topped the list, leaving about 15 thousand millionaires, Russia came second, followed by India in third place by 5 million million, Ranked fourth by 4 million millionaires.

While Australia came to the top of the list of the most affluent countries, where the country received in the year 2018 about 12 thousand millionaires, America came in second place with 10 million million, and Canada ranked third with 4 million millionaires.

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