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Egypt opens the world's largest suspended bridge Egypt opens the world's largest suspended bridge with Egyptian qualifications

Egypt opens the world's largest suspended bridge

With Egyptian qualifications

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi opened the bridge of the Ruud al-Faraj axis, which surpassed the Canada Bridge, where he entered the Guinness Book of Records. Egypt's suspension bridge was 67.3 meters wide (220 feet and 9.6 inches), achieving a new record.

The previous record was recorded for a bridge in Canada with a width of 65.2 meters, making Egypt Bridge the world's largest suspension bridge.

"The huge suspension bridge runs over the Nile in Cairo and runs in two directions, each with 6 traffic lanes, and aims to reduce traffic congestion in the capital," Guinness said on its official Facebook site.

The international encyclopedia pointed out that the bridge, which lies north of Cairo near the center of the Egyptian capital, was designed and built by the Arab Contractors Company.

It is explained that 4 thousand engineers, technicians and workers participated in the construction of the bridge, which consumed about one million cubic meters of concrete, in addition to 1400 km of steel wire, to make 160 cable suspension.


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