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China is causing the extinction of chickens in Algeria

Tuesday, 14 September 2021
Algerian table loses chicken, after the bankruptcy of breeders Algerian table loses chicken, after the bankruptcy of breeders The losses of the white meat sector in Algeria due to China

#Vision_Int, Dubai United Arab Emirates:-- Poultry farmers in Algeria live as a major threat to this business, as some of them are considering changing this endangered commodity.

A few months ago, the price of a kilogram of chicken ranged between 250 and 300 chickens, and things were in the interest of the consumer last year when the price reached 170 chickens or less in some cases, and this was due to abundance, increased supply and the readiness of chickens for the majority of breeders at one time.

This inflation resulted in great losses among the educators who lost huge sums of money, which prompted many farmers to freeze their activities.

Faced with this situation, there was a decline in poultry farming, a scarcity of the product, not only because of the lack of supply; Rather, with the astonishing rise in the price of fodder, which reached its highest level in 2021.

The rise in fodder prices on the global stock exchange is due to China's acquisition of unusually large shipments, resulting in a global crisis that had its repercussions on various countries, including Algeria, which imports soybeans and corn from abroad.

With the devaluation of the dinar, the cost of raising poultry increased and chickens were included in the list of intractable foodstuffs for Algerians, which resulted in the organization of a wide boycott campaign that was promoted on social media and increased the fear of producers and marketers.

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