"City of the Line" in NEOM Saudi Arabia, a community developed away from noise

May 10, 2021
"City of the Line" in NEOM Saudi Arabia, a community developed away from noise "City of the Line" in NEOM Saudi Arabia, a community developed away from noise

The vision, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: - Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEOM, announced that the “The Line City” project will be established in the area of ​​“NEOM”, which is a major smart city, and a series of interconnected cognitive societies enhanced by artificial intelligence and free of carbon emissions. Without noise or pollution, or vehicles and streets.

“The Line City” extends along 170 kilometers from the coast of “Neom” on the Red Sea, northwest of the Kingdom, and passes the mountains and desert of Neom to the east.

The "City of the Line" project, in which a person will find his enjoyment away from the hustle and bustle of cities, where the quiet life, clarity of mind, beautiful environmental diversity and stable climate.

The Line's cognitive communities of more than a million people from all over the world will provide a platform for innovation and thriving businesses to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.

"The Line" reinvigorates societies by making them "cognitive - multi-use", while enabling the concept of walking to be the cornerstone of the practical life of the urban fabric.

Clean energy will drive all utilities 100%, and all businesses and societies will be built in a connected and coherent manner through a digital framework that includes artificial intelligence and robots, to ensure that residents' needs are met.

NEOM has a continuous natural energy from the sun and wind, which makes it one of the best places suitable for the use of alternative energy in the world. For this reason, programs and projects have been developed in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency development, in addition to the circular carbon economy initiative and the "green hydrogen" project, including those related to " The Line, "according to what the Crown Prince said in his statement, to make it a civilized city that works according to the artificial intelligence system, relying on 100% clean energy while ensuring a positive future for carbon.

The "The Line" project will be a solid foundation for building a knowledge economy to embrace competencies, scientific minds, and skills from various fields to serve humanity.

The Line will contribute to NEOM by adding 180 billion riyals to the GDP by 2030, and it will create 380,000 job opportunities by 2030.

The "The Line" project is operated using 100% renewable energy, so that the responsibility for preserving the environment is an integral part of the legislative laws and regulations that promote sustainable practices at all levels.

The Line project is located in Neom, northwest of the Kingdom, at the edge of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. % Of the world's population reaches Neom in less than 4 hours, and about 13% of global trade traffic passes through the Red Sea.

The "The Line" project depends on a smart infrastructure that is in harmony with the surrounding environment, as it works completely on various types of renewable energy, creating a healthy environment free from pollution and noise, with access to the surrounding environment within 5 minutes on foot from anywhere. In the project.

The design of the new smart city, which will constitute an urban revolution, aims to make walking a basic pattern of life, and the full mixed-use development will contribute to easy access to facilities and parks, as well as the nature surrounding the communities.

This unique design is a model in the design of perceptual societies, as it restores the human character to urban life and enables living in harmony with nature in the twenty-first century and beyond.

Among the most prominent concepts of the projects are the following aspects: -

  • Societies designed around the human being and his comfort, not the vehicles, can be easily navigated due to their design dedicated to stimulating walking, creating new horizons of beauty and tranquility.
  • An infrastructure of services that includes high-speed transportation, shipping services, energy, water, health services, information technology, and others, so that they are integrated in a way that provides spaces for walking, and reduces noise, congestion, and pollution.
  • Perceptual societies are being built on top of the infrastructure that takes the form of a backbone, and provides the ability to move quickly and easily to the communities of "The Line", in addition to ease and speed of access to nature.
  • Mixed-use residential neighborhoods, which facilitate the residents' access to all facilities that meet their daily needs within a short walking distance.
  • Cognitive societies that live in harmony with nature, where parks, gardens, the environment and sustainable food production come together.
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