Massive floods hit Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

July 15, 2021
In Western Europe, a wake up from the Corona pandemic to a natural disaster In Western Europe, a wake up from the Corona pandemic to a natural disaster Thousands of European homes and counties evacuated due to floods

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Natural disasters due to the Industrial Revolution strike Western Europe, cause great material and human losses, and disrupt the process of the exhausted economy due to the Corona pandemic that struck the world.

Carbon emissions, which were the cause of the ozone chasm, were one of the most important causes of polar warming, which caused avalanches and massive floods that caused deaths and landslides, stopped trains, and a significant rise in the water level on the roads.

At least 42 people died and dozens were missing, in Germany, after heavy rains caused rivers to overflow on their banks, sweeping homes and flooding basements.

The rain caused severe disruption to public transport, as fast train service to Germany was suspended, and rescue operations were hampered by the disruption of telephone and internet connections in part of the region, southwest of Cologne.

Authorities in the Rhein-Sieg district south of Cologne have ordered the evacuation of several villages below the Steinbachtal Reservoir, amid fears the dam could collapse there as well.

In Belgium, about 10 homes collapsed in Beppenster after the Vasdri river overflowed and flooded the town in the east of the country. More than a thousand homes were evacuated, and movement was suspended in the Moose River, the most important waterway in Belgium, as it threatens to flood on its banks.

In the Netherlands, river floods damaged many homes in the southern province of Limburg, and several nursing homes were evacuated.

The Dutch government has sent about 70 soldiers to the province of Limburg, to help with tasks including transporting evacuees and filling sandbags as rivers overflow their banks.

Unusually heavy rain inundated a wide swath of northeastern France this week, bringing down trees and closing dozens of roads.

A train route to Luxembourg was disrupted, and firefighters evacuated dozens of people from their homes near the Luxembourg and German borders and in the Marne region.

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