US Report "Global Trends: 2040 A More Conflict World"

April 11, 2021
US intelligence expects diminishing American influence in the world US intelligence expects diminishing American influence in the world

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - A report issued every four years by US intelligence focused on the challenges that threaten US influence in the world, including the electronic currency "Bitcoin" and the feverish leadership race with China. The report was covered up by climate changes and the challenges facing the euro.

The American report warned of what it called "an unstable and leaderless world" at the beginning of 2040, and said the world will be full of conflicts as trends such as artificial intelligence, digital currencies and climate change are reshaping the global arena.

The report, titled "Global Trends: 2040, a world full of more conflict," says that the world will witness in the coming decades asymmetry and balance between global challenges and the ability of institutions and systems to face them, which will result in "greater competition at all levels," especially between states. United and China.

The United States of America says through this report that national governments will have to "reduce flexibility" in dealing with challenges such as climate change in the face of increasing debt burdens and an increasing diversity in trading rules.

According to the intelligence report, the US dollar and the European euro will face threats from digital currencies such as "Bitcoin", explaining that the digital currencies issued by private parties "will lead to complications in the conduct of monetary policy by limiting the countries' control over exchange rates and monetary supplies."

The report says that climate change will increase social divisions within countries, and will exacerbate international tensions, water insecurity, and increased pressure for migration.

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