Sunday, 05 July 2020

E East

Egyptian News Vision: - "Sky News Arabia" reported its correspondent in Baghdad that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, relieved the National Security Adviser, Faleh Al-Fayyad, and appointed Qasim Al-Araji in his place.

Egyptian News Vision: - Maj. Gen. El-Said Chnigriha was formally appointed to the chief of staff of the People's National Army in Algeria, and was promoted to the rank of a team, has been acting chief of staff since December 23, 2019, following the death of the Deputy Minister of National Defense, chief of staff of the National People's Army, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Qayed Saleh.

Egyptian News Vision: - France decided to temporarily withdraw from a maritime security operation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in response to Turkey's actions in the Libyan crisis.

Egyptian News Vision: - "Everyone who drew a picture of everything happening in one day is the first of July 2020 He did so at his own risk, but from tomorrow the hour will start to tick."

Egyptian News Vision: - After the military scandal that affected Turkey and the loss of two diesel submarines, Type 212, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the recent period, some sources suggested that Germany was able to find them, and while it was able to decipher the confusion caused by the two submarines, but they did not announce the party This confusion to reduce the scandal, which undoubtedly affected the German arms industry.

Egyptian News Vision: - The US House of Representatives, with 232 votes to 180, supported by Democrats, approved a bill to turn Washington, DC, into a state, meaning that its residents would have the right to vote in elections. It also requires electing two senators to represent the state, which could change the mechanisms of power in Congress.


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