Vision, Daily Times, Doctors Without Borders, a non-governmental organization, issued a statement saying that about 8,500 displaced people were expelled from a temporary camp before it was burned in the fourth largest city in the Central African Republic, which is witnessing continuous fighting between rebels and government forces and their allies.

Vision, Daily Times, Tehran, Ibrahim Raisi won the Iranian presidential elections with 62% of the total votes, according to what was announced by Iranian television, and confirmed by Al-Arabiya channel.

Daily Times, The Algerian court issued a decision to place the former Minister of Water Resources, Arezki Baraki, in provisional detention, pending investigation.

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After 20 years of destruction and devastation in Iraq, the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the authorization for the use of military force granted to the president since 2002, which authorized the war on Iraq.

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates: - The Chinese army has tested the use of artificial intelligence technology in warplanes, as it has proven its superiority over military pilots, through an air battle simulation experience.

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Moroccans, from the towns surrounding the enclaves "Ceuta and Melilla", will be able to enter Spain without a visa, only when traveling by land, but the visa will be mandatory when traveling by air or sea to Spain, or the rest of the visa-exempt Schengen area in Europe.

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In a visit interrupted by years of estrangement between Cairo and Doha, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry, visited the State of Qatar, during which he met the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, in a lengthy one-on-one meeting between them. Then a session of official talks was held in the presence of the delegations of the two countries.

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt has begun making amendments to the civil service law, to address the cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is classified as terrorist and banned, to prevent them from exploiting their positions for the benefit of the organization, and to further strengthen the state's mechanisms in the face of terrorism and extremism.

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Economic, social and health crises that Lebanon is experiencing, while the political crisis has passed into a dead end, foretells the return of civil wars, as Gebran Bassil, the son-in-law of the President of the Republic, insists on his conditions in naming Christian ministers on the part of the President of the Republic, and obtaining the blocking third in it, while the designated prime minister adheres to Saad Hariri with his powers and the formation of a government of 24 ministers, according to the initiative of the Speaker of Parliament.

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L'incendie du camp d'Ilovage en Afrique centrale et l'expulsion de 8 500 personnes déplacées
The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people
El incendio del campo de Ilovage en África Central y la expulsión de 8.500 personas desplazadas
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The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people

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