The Israeli Minister of Interior, Arieh Derry, signed a decree allowing Israelis to visit Saudi Arabia, and this is a precedent in the history of Israel.

Tunisia- Palace of Hospitality: - Elias El-Fakhfakh, the official in charge of forming the Tunisian government, said that there are parties in which neither the revolutionary nor the popular trend is available, and therefore he did not summon them, as part of his efforts to form the second government, after the October 2019 elections.

Tel Aviv, Israel:- Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, accompanied by 200 people, who are the entourage that accompanied him on five planes, where he is participating in the international forum of the so-called "Holocaust" hosted by the Israeli government in Jerusalem, in the presence of 40 world leaders.

Palestine, Gaza Strip: - Occupied Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian people, not the “Polish city of Auschwitz,” said Khaled Al-Batsh, a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, during a demonstration in front of the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

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