Tunisians have been on the brink of humanitarian disaster and the recovery of the bodies of 35 migrants and the rescue of 68 others, off the coast of the Mediterranean, were on a boat carrying them in search of the future, after the worsening of the unemployment crisis in the country.

The Tunisian Interior Ministry had earlier pointed to the exhumation of the bodies of 11 immigrants in an initial toll, who were on board a fishing boat "in the process of drowning."

Popular reactions against the Jordanian government increased, warning of the complexity of the crisis, after Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi, during a meeting with representatives of the trade unions, refused to withdraw the amended bill to raise the income tax on the grounds that "the parliament has the last opinion." .

Several governorates of the Kingdom, such as Amman, Karak, Gharbia and Irbid along the border with Syria, Aqaba and Ajloun in the north, witnessed field rallies in which thousands of citizens demanded the withdrawal of the amended bill to raise the income tax that Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi wants to pass.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in before parliament to start a second term, state television reported, a protocol that has been absent from Egypt for 13 years.

The meeting was attended by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Al, Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Tayeb, Pope Twadros II Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the preacher and a number of ministers.

Ramzan Ashraf Al-Najjar, 21, who has worked with medical staff since the start of the Great March of March 2018, did not hesitate for a moment to continue her voluntary humanitarian work to save the lives of the injured during ten consecutive weeks. She was a witness to the crimes of the occupation against children, Medical, Journalism and Civil Insulation.

Saudi king, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, requested the mediation of French President Emmanuel Macaron, before the military intervention in Qatar if it got the system "S-400" Russian missile.

The French newspaper Le Monde said that Salman sent a letter to the French president expressing his concern about Qatar's approach to a deal with Russia for the S-400 air defense missile system, which Saudi Arabia sees as threatening the safety of its airspace and warning escalation in the region. .

The United States has refused to protect the Palestinians, using the veto to abort an international project by Kuwait to provide "international protection" to the Palestinians.

The draft resolution submitted by Kuwait calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to propose ideas for "international protection" of Palestinian civilians.

Spain is in the grip of a government crisis, with the Spanish parliament blocking confidence from conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Who took office for more than six years with a majority of 180 votes out of 350 as expected.

"Qatar is trying to expand its influence around its neighboring region, and Somalia is one of the country's targets in this area," he said, adding that Qatar was trying to gain control of the coast of Somalia.

"Through terrorism, Qatar seeks to weaken the Somali government and society.

French police early on Wednesday evacuated the Melnère camp, which was set up on the banks of Paris's Saint-Denis channel, after weeks of wrangling between the Paris municipality and the government.

The French authorities intend to resettle more than 1,500 immigrants before starting to study the status of each individual immigrant, while evacuating more than 1,700 immigrants.

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