Twin of the female body and one and two heads

For the first time in years, born Siamese, the body of one and two heads, the twins are female.

"Sarah Danbury" or English, published a photo taken of her daughter on her deathbed, before he lacks after hit by a rare form of liver cancer, where it appeared in that picture what the mother claimed that "owners goalkeeper."

* Process of freezing corpses are after replacing the blood of the deceased chemical compound to keep the internal organs, it is keeping the body in liquid nitrogen and freeze it gradually until it reaches 196 degrees below zero, to preserve the cylinders in court.

British girl, aged 14 years, had been living in London, with separate mother from her father, she was suffering from a rare type of brain cancer, it has petitioned the court requesting the granting of her mother the right to take any decision about her body after her death.

"The twins Charlotte and Olivia were born ten months ago" from an Australian woman named Kate Hill, were treated with hormone therapy because of her syndrome, polycystic ovaries, a condition that means they are unable to ovulation, it is rare to become pregnant.

Australian woman gave birth to twins carried those ahead ten days after he had been informed that they might never give birth.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor, acting head of the body development subsidiary of the province, wrote on its front page in the Facebook social networking commenting on Donald Trump win the presidency, "It would be refreshing to see in the White House first elegant, beautiful and full of lady of dignity. I am tired of seeing monkey’s high heels."

President Clay municipality, a small town in the state of West Virginia, eastern United States, Beverly Welling, Taylor responded by saying, "I've delighting daily Pam."

"Harvey Melnjton", a pupil at fourteen years of age, the youngest self-made millionaires in Britain, held a series of successful business deals that made the fortune of two million pounds.

"Harvey Melnjton", sold a piece of land he bought from his emerging which was launched last year's profits.

The people of the town, "Reese" north of Bolivia refused to wait until the trial of the offender, and decided to implement justice into their own hands.

Fears and concerns faced by Arab and Western countries as well, due to the rise of Donald Trump, to control the center of the world, the Oval Office of the White House.

The Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities announced, found the mummy in a pharaonic tomb intact, inside a coffin, wrapped Ertunaj (Gypsum with linen) stained.

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