Tehran: - Demonstrations filled the streets of the Islamic Republic of Iran, days before the killing of the commander of the Quds Force, with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and then they became like a cinder bunker that extinguished the American raid, but it appears that it has re-ignited.

The Omani Defense Council met with the Council of the Royal Family to open the will of the late Sultan, after the Family Council decided to accredit who was chosen by Sultan Qaboos in his will to take over as his successor.

Tunis-Bardo: - Awad Salam, a space of hope for the Tunisians, which came after apprehensions and fears, from a political future that was not vague, but all indications were blatantly confirming that there is no way for economic or social reform with the formation of the Prime Minister-designate Habib El-Gamly.

Sultanate of Oman:- ِ Haitham bin Tariq Al Saeed was sworn in as a new sultanate of Oman, succeeding Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, Sultan of Oman, who died after a long struggle with illness.

Tunisia-Bardo: The Tunisian People's Assembly convened, on Friday, January 10, 2020, to vote on the government proposed by the designated president, Habib El-Gamli, which has been accompanied by clamor since its announcement, and which the designated head of government has always affirmed is a competent and independent government.

Iran - Parand, near Tehran airport: - A person on the ground filmed the moment the Ukrainian plane hit a missile in Iranian airspace, and the New York Times confirmed that the video was correct.

The number of seekers of Japanese billionaire Yosaku Mizawa rose on Twitter, after he was shown to his followers on the social media platform, by giving 1,000 people $ 9 million, on simple condition.

American billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who ran for the American presidency 2020, for the Democratic Party.

He is the former mayor of New York City, and he has a personal fortune estimated at $ 54 billion and funds his campaign himself, while President Donald Trump's campaign announced that it raised $ 46 million in the last quarter of 2019, bringing the total figures collected last year 2019 to $ 143 million.

Britain:- Prince Harry announced his wife, Megan Merkel, that they had left their main duties, as prince and duchess, in the British royal family, and would remain in North America.

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