Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - It seems that the former President of the United States of America, businessman Donald Trump will not stop when he leaves the White House, especially after he lost 23 percent of his fortune during his term in office.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Russia has summoned its ambassador to the United States for consultations, according to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, in order to mend fissures that marred bilateral relations after Joe Biden's arrival in the US presidency.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Opponents of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent a holographic message to him, consisting of a statue of him sitting cross-legged, as if he was defecating while he was naked in the yard of the "Habima" theater.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Islamic militants slaughtered children, some of them under the age of 11, in the Cabo Delgado province, northern Mozambique.

Dubai, Daily Times: A new diplomatic exchange between the UAE and Israel at the police level, according to the Hebrew website Walla, as the Israeli police will appoint a permanent representative in the UAE, and it is expected that the step will be reciprocal, as the UAE wants to appoint a special police attache for it in Israel soon .

Dubai, Daily Times: The governments of the European Union countries intend to deport the 500,000 asylum seekers who have not been granted asylum in Europe in 2019, and less than a third of them have voluntarily returned to their countries or returned.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Kuwait will vaccinate all educational and administrative bodies in schools in April 2021, as September will be the date for students to return to schools of all stages, according to what the Kuwaiti Minister of Health Dr. Basil morning.

Tunisia / Follow-ups / The leader of the opposition Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia, Abeer Moussa, described the use of violence by the security forces to disperse the sit-in in which they and members of the party and citizens supporting them entered, as "the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians," during an inspection visit to the injured who were killed during the security operation.

Dubai, Daily Times: - In response to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan's dialogue, Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying: "The whole family feels sad after knowing fully how difficult the last years have been for Harry and Meghan."

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