Vision, Tunisia: - In a clear indication of fears of her liquidation, a member of the Tunisian Parliament resorted to wearing a bullet-proof jacket, especially after the security protection personnel accompanying her were prevented from entering.

Vision, France: - A lawsuit has been filed in France against the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, his brother, and one of his aides.

Vision, Al-Arabiya Net: - "Although the risk of a nuclear conflict between the Soviet Union and America was great during the Cold War, technological advances in nuclear weapons, especially artificial intelligence - two sectors spearheaded by Washington and Beijing - double the risk of the end of the world."

Vision, Iran: - A fire broke out in a chemical plant, in the Iranian city of Qom, and was brought under control without casualties, according to the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (Fars).

According to the agency, two firefighting cars exploded due to the occurrence of large explosions, and two firefighters were seriously injured.

Vision, Indian subcontinent: - Crematoriums spread throughout India, where the Corona virus did it, and the tragedy turned into declaring the subcontinent a devastated country, as the real numbers of injured and deaths may reach 10 times the figures announced by the government.

Doctors and experts say that the real numbers may be ten times greater, estimating daily injuries at about 3 million cases.

Vision, Egypt: - The fire that broke out in the Mar Mina Church in Amrania, Giza Governorate - west of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, did not cause any casualties, because no one was present in the church, and the fire was controlled and extinguished, and the reasons that led to the fire are unknown.

Vision, Tunisia: - The head of the "Free Constitutional Party" bloc in the Tunisian Parliament, Abeer Moussa M., had announced it during a live broadcast on the party's official page on Facebook.


The vision, Lebanon: - Within a few days, no less than 40 tons of dead fish were piled up, a number described by the military and fishermen in Lake Qaraoun as unprecedented, on the banks of the lake connected to the Litani River, the longest river in Lebanon, and in which activists have been warning for years of water pollution in it due to drainage Sanitary and waste.

Vision, North Korea: - By order of North Korea's President, Kim Jong Un, one of the officials was executed after he was late in completing the hospital construction project, and relied on low-quality Chinese sources, instead of European ones, to equip it.

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