Tunisia is preparing for the Arab summit without the Muslim Brotherhood
Tunisia is preparing for the Arab summit without the Muslim Brotherhood Tunisia is preparing for the Arab summit without the Muslim Brotherhood

Tunisia is preparing for the Arab summit without the Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo:- Tunisia is preparing to organize the 30th ordinary session of the Arab Summit scheduled for Sunday 31 March 2019, which will be an opportunity to revive the lukewarm relations with some Arab countries that succeeded in getting rid of the Islamic organizations that wanted to control the joints of these countries, like Egypt and Syria.

Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Jahnawi, in his capacity as Special Envoy of the President of the Republic Béji Kayed Sibsi, handed over a letter from the President of the Republic to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Sisi, containing an invitation to participate in the Arab Summit.

The minister conveyed to the Egyptian president the greetings and appreciation of the President of the Republic, stressing Tunisia's keenness to improve the historical relations between the two brotherly countries and to support bilateral cooperation in various fields and to enhance coordination and consultation on regional and international issues of common concern, especially the political process in Libya under the supervision of the United Nations. Stability in this fraternal country.

The Foreign Minister also stressed the importance of maintaining periodicity of the bilateral benefits and follow up the implementation of the results, including the Tunisian-Egyptian Joint Committee.

He also renewed the invitation of the President of the Republic to the Egyptian President to perform a visit to Tunisia, pointing out that it would be an important occasion to support brotherly ties and cooperation between the two brotherly countries.

For his part, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expressed his appreciation for the sovereignty of the President, noting the successful visit he made to Cairo during the past year. In this context, he stressed his keenness to meet President Béji Kayed Sebsi's invitation to visit Tunisia at the earliest opportunity.

He also stressed the keenness of his country to enhance the various aspects of bilateral cooperation with Tunisia and to activate what has been agreed upon to strengthen the existing cooperation frameworks between the two countries and to continue coordination and consultation on issues and issues of common concern, including developments in the situation in Libya.

The meeting was attended by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri and the Tunisian Ambassador in Cairo.

The visit of the Egyptian president will be the first to Tunisia since his election after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood by popular will.

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