The Hidden Government of the World, or the "Bilderberg Group" meets in Switzerland - vision
The Hidden Government of the World, or the "Bilderberg Group" meets in Switzerland The Hidden Government of the World, or the "Bilderberg Group" meets in Switzerland

The Hidden Government of the World, or the "Bilderberg Group" meets in Switzerland

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The government of the hidden world, or the "Bilderberg Group", meets in Montreux, Switzerland, for four days, and includes about 130 senior politicians, industry dignitaries , Money, universities, work, and media.

Among the American guests are President Trump's daughter-in-law, Jared Kouchner, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadila, Google's former president Eric Schmidt, billionaire founder Peter Thiel and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Those from other countries are also at the same level of excellence.

Preparing characters for the rise:

When Bill Clinton came in 1991, it was not clear then that he would win the Democratic nomination in the next year's election, regardless of whether he would have replaced George W. Bush in the White House.

Tony Blair was in 1993 and was not yet the leader of the British Labor Party, the post he took the following year, following the death of John Smith, and then elected three years later as prime minister.

Planning to kill 80 percent of the world's population:

Conspiracy theorists, who espouse the second view, have accused the community of everything from deliberately managing the financial crisis to planning to kill 80 percent of the world's population.

"We know that you are cruel," said Alex Jones, a longtime antithesis to the group and the presenter of a talk show in America.

Who is reading the history of the mysterious Bilderberg group, knows the reason for the terrible accusations against him.

The group's first meeting in 1954 was aimed at strengthening US-European relations.

The working methods used by the group remain confidential. Its press meetings are not called for, and no media statements are issued after the end of the meetings, and the Organization has only a meager position, seemingly designed in the 1990s.

Although the Bilderberg group seems to be portrayed as a club of members only, like James Bond's villains, mainstream commentators say it is less evil than it appears. Dennis Healy, one of the founders of the group and Britain's former Treasury secretary in the 1970s, told journalist John Ronson in his book that people are ignoring the practical benefits of such informal networks.

"Bilderberg is the most useful international group he has brought," he said.

"Confidentiality has enabled people to speak honestly, without fear of consequences," he said.

The agenda of the group is to bring together the elite of politicians from the right and the left, and make them mix in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere with businessmen, and open the way for ideas to breed. It may sound like a fancy dinner, but this perception misses the point.

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