A Chinese spy ship approached Australia via the Solomon Sea

July 19, 2021
Why is China trying to spy on US-Australian military exercises? Why is China trying to spy on US-Australian military exercises? Chinese attempts to infiltrate US-Australian military exercises

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: - If the idea of ​​the race between China and America to lead the world, politically, economically, militarily, and technologically, arises and raises questions from time to time, yet it took the lion’s share in the media presentation during the Corona virus pandemic, which political analyzes still place within the framework of the global conspiracy, which made Some are reluctant to receive vaccinations against the Corona virus.

Now, China's attempts to gain access to sufficient information about the level of armaments in Australia and America are becoming exposed, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

A Chinese spy ship was spotted on its way to enter the waters off the northeastern coast of Australia, in a move that enhances Beijing's presence in the region for monitoring, after Canberra and Washington recently began joint military exercises.

The ship approached Australia via the Solomon Sea around Papua New Guinea, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation expects that this ship will join a Chinese intelligence ship that was spotted earlier on its way to the country through the Torres Strait, and is monitored by Australian forces.

Citing defense officials, the agency said that Beijing had previously used intelligence-gathering measures, but it was the first time it had deployed a second ship in what is considered an unusual development. .

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