A Tunisian parliamentarian wears a bulletproof vest for fear of being assassinated during the sessions

May 04, 2021
Abeer Moussa inside the Tunisian Parliament, wearing a bulletproof vest Abeer Moussa inside the Tunisian Parliament, wearing a bulletproof vest

Vision, Tunisia: - In a clear indication of fears of her liquidation, a member of the Tunisian Parliament resorted to wearing a bullet-proof jacket, especially after the security protection personnel accompanying her were prevented from entering.

The head of the Free Constitutional Party in the Tunisian Parliament, Abeer Moussa, attended the parliament session wearing a bullet-proof jacket, denouncing her denial of security escort, inside the Tunisian Parliament, which sparked widespread controversy on social media.

In her intervention in the Tunisian Parliament, Abeer Moussa considered that she is targeted and threatened with liquidation, and that the government of Hisham El-Mechichi does not want to protect her, despite the calls she has made.

Abeer Moussa published a video clip documenting the moment she entered Parliament, on her Facebook account, and wrote: "Al-Meshchishy did not change his instructions .. He wants to end my prosecution by force .. I will wear a bulletproof vest, protect myself and enter to practice my work."

Awatif Quraish Obaid, a parliamentarian from the Free Constitutional Party, wrote in a post on her official Facebook page: The leader of the opposition, Abeer Moussa, had to put on a helmet and wear a bulletproof vest to carry out her duties in the Brotherhood’s parliament in order to confront their projects.

The Ennahda Movement Parliamentarian, Samira Al-Sami’i, returned a photo of Abeer Moussa wearing the helmet and wearing the bullet-proof jacket on her Facebook account and attached it to a comment: "Abeer Moussa, Schumacher Parliament."

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