British MPs admit bribery to attack Saudi Arabia

Friday, 03 December 2021

International vision: British Liberal Democratic Party MP Leila Moran and Conservative Party MP Crispin Blunt admitted that they received money to attack Saudi Arabia during a parliamentary session.

The two MPs admitted participating in a session to discuss the conditions of prisoners in Saudi Arabia via video, and a violation of the rules of the British Parliament, and receiving money in exchange for it.

Moran received £3,000, while her colleague, Blunt, received £6,000 from a law firm for attacking Saudi Arabia, and using the offices of the House of Commons for paid non-parliamentary meetings and sessions in a scandal that has sparked outrage and concern in Britain.

Under British Parliamentary rules, MPs are prohibited from using parliamentary facilities for non-parliamentary work.

The two MPs used one of the parliamentary chambers to hold a paid meeting to discredit the kingdom, with the law firm "Bendmans", which handles cases defending the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain and abroad.

Moran, the MP for the Oxford region, apologized in a statement, saying she "deeply regrets", and added: "I deeply regret that I conducted a videoconference from my office in Parliament while the Covid-19 restrictions were in place."

The British MP admitted her mistake, pointing out that she bears full responsibility for this matter, and that it will not happen again, according to the statement.

While "Blant", a representative from the region of Rigate, said: It did not occur to him that there would be consequences and a problem from conducting this matter, stressing that he would accept any investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

The use of representatives of the British Parliament chambers to pass political messages and distort certain countries; Much ado in British parliamentary circles about integrity and corruption within the parliament, especially as it comes after

This comes after the scandal of Conservative MP Owen Patterson, when the Standards Committee in the British Parliament decided that the MP had breached the rules of parliamentary work, when he received significant sums of money in exchange for pleading for two British companies in the British Parliament.

The British Parliament is living on a hot slate, following revelations that MP Owen Patterson received money from two companies; In return for pleading in their favor in Parliament, a controversy to which was added the controversy of the two detractors of the kingdom.

Patterson previously held the position of environment minister under David Cameron's government, and according to investigations, the MP received 120 million pounds annually from each company in exchange for defending their interests in Parliament.

The investigation committee said that the representative, with the purpose of serving these two companies, met with officials from the British Food Standards Agency and the International Cooperation Agency in order to put pressure and promote the two companies.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also accused of covering up his party colleague, after he supported a vote in Parliament to change the rules of the Standards Committee, and add a clause allowing any parliamentarian to respond to the conclusions reached by this competent committee.

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