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Egypt: Purging the state apparatus of the sleeper cells of the Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday, 13 June 2021
Amendments to the Civil Service Law in Egypt to purge state agencies of terrorist sleeper cells Amendments to the Civil Service Law in Egypt to purge state agencies of terrorist sleeper cells

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt has begun making amendments to the civil service law, to address the cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is classified as terrorist and banned, to prevent them from exploiting their positions for the benefit of the organization, and to further strengthen the state's mechanisms in the face of terrorism and extremism.

The past few months have witnessed several sabotage operations, in which members of the Muslim Brotherhood were involved, all of whom are familiar with the administrative apparatus and participated through their positions in implementing them, and the bulk of them are related to train accidents and the desperate attempts by the organization’s elements to sabotage them.

As for the coming period, more measures will be taken to protect Egypt and preserve its institutions against the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to create sedition.

The amendments presented to the law on non-disciplinary dismissal include many guarantees and at the same time define cases that require non-disciplinary dismissal for each person aiming to sabotage the state, through his work in the state’s administrative apparatus.

There are many employees who belong to the organization and use their positions within the state’s administrative apparatus to implement the organization’s agenda.

The law includes, if the name of the employee involved falls from the list of terrorist entities, his right to return to work again.

According to a well-informed government source, all ministries and government agencies in Egypt are working to purify employees to remove members of terrorist organizations from executive positions and important positions within the state's sectors, after it was proven that a group of these employees were involved in carrying out some operations aimed at harming the state in favor of the organization's agenda.

The law, in its new form, will define the mechanisms for dealing with each case and indicate the extent of its involvement in acts that threaten the stability of the country. In this case, he must be dismissed from his position and tried, while in some cases it will be sufficient to remove them from executive positions and place them under surveillance.

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