How did the Israeli army use artificial intelligence in the recent war on Gaza?

July 22, 2021
Israel relies on artificial intelligence in its military strategy Israel relies on artificial intelligence in its military strategy Starting with the war on Gaza, Israel will adopt artificial intelligence in its next wars

#Daily_Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In its recent war on Gaza, the Israeli army relied on artificial intelligence, confirming that this technology has become among the priorities of war strategies in the world.

According to General Tamer Hayman, head of Israeli military intelligence, Israel did not rely on artificial intelligence in military equipment, but in the information aspect, as it used “internet sources” alongside “artificial intelligence” in the recent war against Gaza, which Israel launched in May 2021. .

Tamer Hayman’s statements were during a conference held at Tel Aviv University, where he said: “The Israeli army used online resources, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help plan and implement operations during the recent 11-day war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.”

He stressed that this development in the use of modern technology "allowed the Israeli army to operate better, faster, and with fewer losses."

He pointed out that Israel faces continuous electronic threats, and vowed to respond to the attacks "as it does against any other aggression," stressing that "Israel is under constant threat and attacks are launched against it."

Speaking at the conference, the Israeli general added: "We are able to confront most threats thanks to advanced defensive capabilities."

He pointed out that "defense alone is not enough," and that other steps must be taken to "maintain Israel's tactical advantage over its enemies."

“Those who attack Israel by air, sea, land or cybernetics must understand the risks they are exposed to,” Heymann said, warning: “As we have seen time and time again, all attacks will be answered.”

At the same conference, the Israeli Minister of Defense had touched upon cyber attacks on Israel and claimed that “in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of attacks carried out by hostile elements, including Iran and its affiliates, seeking to gain access to the information technology systems of the national infrastructure. in Israel".

He added that “in the face of this escalating increase from a few individual attacks to dozens of attacks annually, Israel has proven its ability to develop its flexibility, technological advantage and qualitative advantage in the region.”

In the last war, the occupation army bombed many civilian sites in Gaza, and claimed in one of the raids that there were casualties, that its planes targeted “the headquarters of a group of cyber activists” affiliated with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Israel was often subjected to electronic attacks, many of which succeeded in disrupting important service companies, and attackers from several countries were able to penetrate security systems and institutions, as a step in protest against Israel's crimes against the Palestinians.

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