In response to WHO, Malawi donates Corona vaccine to developed countries

April 25, 2021
The Malawi government says the WHO's appeals came too late The Malawi government says the WHO's appeals came too late

Vision, Africa: - In response to the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control in Africa, the Executive Director of the Health Equity Network in Malawi, George Jobe and Abedif, said: "It is possible to donate vaccines to developed countries or the World Health Organization, and we are waiting for the day when we do not see their presence in Malawi."

This comes in reference to the expired Astrazhnica vaccine, as the World Health Organization has requested that those vaccines not be destroyed, saying that they are still safe to use.

The government of Malawi says the WHO's appeals came too late, with 16,440 doses of the Astrazhnica vaccine that expired on April 13, 2021, were discarded.

The World Health Organization and the Africa CDC urged African countries not to destroy the vaccine, whose expiration date may have expired, saying it is still usable.

“Everything that is manufactured must have an expiration date that cannot be used beyond,” said Malawi's Minister of Health Charles Mwanasambo.

He continued: "In cases of vaccines, we cannot use them because there is a clear date of expiration, and therefore no doctor will be tolerated in the event that anything negative occurs after using an expired vaccine."

And Mwansambo said that using the expired vaccine will scare people from taking vaccines from the remaining stock.

He added, "If we keep the expired vaccines or store them, it will be a big blow to our vaccination campaign, as people will not come to get vaccinations for fear that they will be given the expired vaccines."

Mwansambo said the country might consider extending the shelf life of the remaining stockpiles of the vaccine received through the "Kovacs" initiative by the Indian government, which expires in June and July 2021.

He confirmed that the government will soon announce the date on which it will publicly destroy the expired vaccine in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe.

In the same context, the Executive Director of the Health Justice Network in Malawi, George Jobe, said that using an expired vaccine will create a negative attitude among people.

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