Iran: After the Satellites UMED, RASD, and WAAD

April 23, 2020
Iran launched its first military satellite Iran launched its first military satellite Source de l'image: - google

The Islamic Republic of Iran launched its first military satellite into outer space, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed that the operation had been successful.

The military satellite named "Noor 1", made in Iran, was launched on board the "Qased" carrier rocket in two stages, and it has settled in its orbit around the globe at a distance of 425 km from the Earth's surface.

The "Qasid" carrier rocket was launched from a desert area in central Iran, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard considered this "a major achievement and a recent development in the Iranian missile field."

In February 2020, the Iranian Ministry of Defense announced that the launch of the "Zafer" satellite had failed.

As reported, the Iranian-made satellite was unable to enter its exact path.

Iranian state television said at the time: "The launch was successful and achieved most of its targets, however, the satellite did not reach its orbit."

Iran launched: -

1- The first "UMED" (Hope) satellite in 2009.

2- The "RASD" satellite in June 2011.

3- In 2012, Iranian officials announced that they were able to launch the third "Waad" satellite, but at least two attempts to launch the moon failed, as one of them caused an explosion at the launch site.

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