Is Sudan moving against Ethiopia? After the level of the Roseires Dam decreased,

July 18, 2021
The first repercussions of the second filling of the Ethiopia dam The first repercussions of the second filling of the Ethiopia dam The second filling of the Ethiopian dam affects the Roseires dam in Sudan

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: Sudan announced the first damages to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which Addis Ababa embarked on at the beginning of July 2021, while the country is experiencing a crisis of internal war, but these internal tensions discourage it from beginning to antagonize other countries, the first of which is Sudan, and the second of which is Egypt.

Khartoum announced that the water level of the Roseires dam had fallen by half, with expectations that the drop might reach 20 percent.

The newspaper, "Al-Mashhad Al-Sudani", said that water imports of the Roseires Dam, which is about 20 kilometers from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, decreased by up to half, due to Ethiopia's start of the second filling of the dam.

Ethiopia had finished raising the middle corridor of the Renaissance Dam with an additional 4 meters high, allowing it, during July 2021, to store about 6 billion cubic meters.

And while continuing to raise the middle corridor to 30 meters as scheduled, the Ethiopians can, during the month of August 2021, complete the remainder of the quota to be stored, which is 13.5 billion cubic meters.

The Roseires Dam administration confirmed that the dam's water imports from the Blue Nile continued to drop by 50 percent.

The administration indicated that the delay in resuming negotiations on the Renaissance Dam between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia will put the Roseires Dam at risk.

Ethiopia says the dam, built on its Blue Nile, is essential to its economic development and to providing its people with electricity.

In the event of the collapse of the Renaissance Dam, most of the Sudanese dams, cities and villages will disappear with it, and will be negatively affected directly after the completion of the dam, about 50,000 feddans out of 100,000 feddans that depend on flood irrigation, most of which are located in the states of the Nile, Blue Nile and Sennar, and threatening an estimated 20 million people in 3 agricultural seasons.

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