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Mali's interim president, Asmi Gueta, survives assassination

Thursday, 22 July 2021
A failed attempt to assassinate the interim president of Mali, Asmi Gueta A failed attempt to assassinate the interim president of Mali, Asmi Gueta Knife attack on Mali's interim president, Asmi Guetta

#Daily_Times Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The interim president of Mali, Asimi Gueta, was subjected to an assassination attempt during the Eid al-Adha prayer, as a person tried to assault him with a knife, as he was at the front of the worshipers while he was surrounded by a number of guards.

A young man rushed from among the worshipers, and was able to reach the president, and it seemed that he wanted to stab him in the neck, but the guards quickly pounced on him and he fell to the ground.

The attack took place in the Latos Toure mosque in the capital, Bamako, which raised questions about who is the interim president of Mali, Colonel Asmi Guetta?

Mali's interim president, Colonel Asmi Gueta, born in 1983, graduated from the Koulikoro Mali Military School specializing in armored weapons and cavalry.

In 2014, Mali's interim president, Colonel Asmi Guetta, joined the special forces, and the following year he oversaw the coordination of the Ministry of Defense's special operations, after the bombing of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako.

In 2018, he was appointed head of the Special Forces in Mali, and led operations in northern and central Mali, as well as outside the country, within international units in Darfo.

Colonel Asmi Guetta was leading the Malian special forces in the center of the country with the rank of colonel, having received training in the United States, France and Germany, and facing extremist armed groups in the country.

Guetta seized power in August 2020, after overthrowing the democratically elected Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, then agreed to establish a transitional government led by a civilian president and prime minister, but on May 24, he ousted them after they made a cabinet reshuffle that marginalized two of the leaders. Supporters of the military council without consulting with him.

After that, Guetta was sworn in as head of a transitional government in June, pledging to keep the country on the right track to return to civilian rule by holding elections in February 2022, and the previous information answers the question of who is the interim Malian president, Colonel Asmi Guita.

The attempted attack on the interim president comes at a time when Mali has been witnessing attacks from terrorists in the center of the country in recent days.

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