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Secret meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran in Turkey to hit Saudi interests Secret meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran in Turkey to hit Saudi interests

Secret meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran in Turkey to hit Saudi interests

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- Targeting Saudi interests was the title of a secret meeting in Turkey between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Muslim Brotherhood, classified as a terrorist, banned in Egypt, according to secret documents leaked.

The classified documents, published by the New York Times, indicate that the meeting was in the spring of 2014, two years after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and three years before the siege imposed by Saudi Arabia on Qatar, and just before the coup of the Houthis to rule in To whom.

As a disguise, Turkey refused to grant a visa to the Quds Force commander, Qasim Soleimani, who was due to attend the meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood delegation, but a delegation of senior corps officials led by one of Suleimani's deputies, a man known in the telegram as Abu Hussein, attended.

The Brotherhood represented three of its most prominent Egyptian exiles, Ibrahim Mounir Mustafa, Mahmoud al-Abiri and Youssef Mustafa Nada, according to the documents.

According to Intercept, which gets these classified documents, the Muslim Brotherhood delegation said it has 85 around the world.

The common factor they share with Iran is "hatred of Saudi Arabia," he described as the "common enemy" of the Brotherhood and Iran.

According to the leaks, the Brotherhood said the best place to unite against the Saudis was Yemen, where the Houthis were about to turn against legitimacy and ignite the country in a full-scale war.

The Brotherhood delegation said: "In Yemen, with Iran's influence on the Houthis and the influence of the Brotherhood on some armed tribal factions, there must be a joint effort to reduce the conflict between the Houthis and the tribes to be able to use its power against Saudi Arabia."

The Brotherhood also discussed with the Iranians a vision of Iraq, an attempt to bridge the gap between Sunnis and Shiites there.

The two sides also agreed that Syria should be outside the accounts of cooperation between them, due to the existence of contradictory tendencies of a sectarian nature.

The Iranian intelligence documents did not explain to Intercept, if there were other meetings between the Brotherhood and the Iranians later.

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