The biggest political scandal for an American president

March 27, 2021
 Biden cheat sheets during the first official press conference Biden cheat sheets during the first official press conference

Dubai, Daily Times: - The way US President Joe Biden appeared at his first official press conference since assuming the presidency of America was controversial in the US media.

After a press conference delayed 49 days since Biden took office, Fox News published an article about the conference titled "The photos show Biden's cheat sheets during the first official press conference."

According to the newspaper, the "cheat papers" that journalists took pictures of during the conference, indicate the presence of some major political details and points, in addition to the identities of the journalists present.

The journalists took a picture of one of the cards written with the title "Infrastructure", which includes key statistics and points to talk about, including a point that indicated that "China spends three times what the United States spends on infrastructure," by withdrawing the source.

One of Biden’s observations, where the note indicates that America now ranks 13th in the world in infrastructure quality, down from fifth in 2002. “Did you know that China spends three times more on infrastructure than the United States? No? Biden does that: it is in his notes. "

The notes were read by many presidents, including Barack Obama, and John F. Kennedy, known for his rhetorical ability, was often seen reading his notes during his television speeches.

In his first official press conference after assuming the presidency, US President Joe Biden focused on the emerging corona virus, considering it "the main problem" in the country. In addition, Biden announced his readiness to run for a second term after 4 years.

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