The road to SHADE MED has started

April 17, 2021

The road to SHADE MED has started! Shade Med is the annual conference on Mediterranean, organized in Rome, Italy. This year is the second edition organized by Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI, the EU military mission in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

It will be anticipated by some events to walk the road to Shade Med. What is SHADE MED The SHADE MED (Shared Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean) conference is a clear example of the EU’s willingness to effectively address the Mediterranean security debate.

It is an open forum where everybody can express opinions in an open and constructive manner to demonstrate that freedom of expression and frank and open dialogue are fundamental values of the entire EU community.

SHADE MED is a forum where representatives from different nations and organizations interested in the Mediterranean area can meet to reach common aims.

Far more than a simple international meeting, SHADE MED Conference represents a unique opportunity to meet, to exchange good practices and to share information and experiences among many and different actors involved in the Mediterranean area.

SHADE MED aims at de-conflicting and where possible coordinating military and civilian resources, Operations and industry practices to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for all.


The edition 2021 will be held by EUNAVFOR MED IRINI in Rome at the end of September/first decade of October.

This year conference theme is “Sharing security, culture and values for a shared prosperity in the Med”.

Strictly connected through geographic and historical interests, the Mediterranean countries are united by shared values.

From mere neighbours, they should thus become true partners in a common vision for the future of the Mediterranean and beyond.

The Mediterranean countries are aware of the fact that the regional context will face increasingly complex challenges, but also new opportunities that will decide the future of the Euro-African and Euro-Mediterranean area, in particular in economic and human terms, inclusive and equitable development, innovation and knowledge sharing, environmental protection and sustainable development, justice, security, intercultural dialogue, mobility and migration, human rights, good governance and finally health protection.

Partnership between the Mediterranean countries is more necessary than ever to respond to these challenges.

The growing convergence of interests and points of view on numerous issues has made the development of appropriate and shared responses to the problems, in line with the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, increasingly possible.

Road to Shade Med

The main event will be anticipated by some webinars/seminars to walk the road to Shade Med, that you can follow live on IRINI’s Facebook and Youtube accounts.

  • 1) Event at SIOI, 19 April 2021, Rome (Italy) – 4 pm: “The European Common Security and Defence Policy in Libya” Opening Speech: Franco Frattini, President of SIOI

Moderator: Alberto Castelvecchi, Adjunct professor Luiss Business School, expert on security, intelligence and military studies

Speakers: Nadim Karkutli, Deputy Head of EU Delegation in Libya; Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini, Operation Commander EUNAVFOR MED IRINI; Natalina Cea, EUBAM Libya, Head of Mission (Live also on SIOI-UNA ITALY's Youtube account and on

  • 2) Webinar, 28 April 2021: “The new geopolitical challenges in an evolving Mediterranean”
  • 3) Seminar/Webinar, 17 – 18 May 2021, Toulon

(France): Mediterranean session of advanced strategic studies for 5 + 5 young graduates

  • 4) Seminar/Webinar at University Cattolica, Milan (Italy),

26 May 2021: “A strategic compass for a Mediterranean maritime security”

  • 5) Seminar/Webinar at Sea Future, La Spezia (Italy),

17 June 2021: “The consequences of the changing Mediterranean geopolitical asset on the cooperation and dialogue among the bordering countries and relevant Organizations”

  • 6) Seminar/Webinar, 1 or 7 July 2021: “Migration and illicit traffic in the Mediterranean” In cooperation with: Agenzia Nova, AirPress, Ce.S.I., Formiche, Nato Defense College Foundation, Report Difesa, University Cattolica (Milan), University La Sapienza (Rome), SIOI, US foreign trade Institute.
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