Turkey is rushing to prove good intentions for reconciliation with Egypt

April 12, 2021
Media of the Muslim Brotherhood are subject to the will of Egypt Media of the Muslim Brotherhood are subject to the will of Egypt

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - For the sake of its interests in the Mediterranean and with Egypt, Turkey has caved in and hastened to prove good intentions and move towards reconciliation, and among the most important of these steps was to stop the media discourse directed against Egypt by a number of satellite channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is classified as a terrorist and banned in Egypt, including Channels "Al Sharq", "Mkamlin".

In the Turkish city of Istanbul, there are several media platforms and media affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, headed by “Al Sharq”, “Mkamlin” and “Watan” channels, which focused in the past eight years on attacking Egypt, spreading lies and rumors, and trying to incite public opinion and destabilize the country.

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşolu, had announced the resumption of contacts between Ankara and Cairo at the diplomatic level, stressing that they would continue in the coming days.

The Egyptian Minister of Information, Osama Heikal, also welcomed the Turkish government's decision to bind anti-Egyptian channels to media honor codes.

Haykal described this step as a good gesture from the Turkish side, which creates a suitable atmosphere for discussing the files that are the subject of differences between the two countries over the past years, and stressed that the political differences between Turkey and Egypt do not serve the interests of the two peoples.

In light of this, all programs stopped modestly as part of attempts to save Turkey’s face, as some of them described stopping their programs from broadcasting in order to relieve embarrassment for Ankara, which "bore them and made clear their interests in order to protect them."

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