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US accuses Russia of espionage

Sunday, 01 August 2021
Washington accuses Russian hackers of the largest hacking operation Washington accuses Russian hackers of the largest hacking operation 80% of US federal prosecutors' accounts hacked

#Vision, The competition between China and the United States of America always carries news that only includes accusations from Washington against Beijing, starting with the G5 Internet, all the way to the Corona virus, which was the cause of a global pandemic, research is still underway, in the vicinity of the Wuhan city laboratory.

But the conflict between America and Russia always takes a different direction, pouring into the framework of military and intelligence competition, and this is what Washington and Moscow have been interested in recently.

Recently, the US Department of Justice accused Russia of being behind the hacking of email accounts of prominent US federal prosecutors.

The ministry stated that Russian hackers had penetrated 80 percent of Microsoft mail accounts used by employees in the four New York state prosecutor's offices, according to "France 24".

Once the hacking activities were discovered, the ministry's information department removed the tools that enabled hackers to access email, the ministry added.

For its part, the American "Axios" website reported that at least one email account in the offices of the US Attorney was hacked during the hacking campaign that lasted between May and December 2020.

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