What is the next step for Egypt in the "Al-NAHDHA" dam case?

July 11, 2021
What is the next step for Egypt in the "Al-NAHDHA" dam case? What is the next step for Egypt in the "Al-NAHDHA" dam case?

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt did not pin high hopes on the role of the Security Council on the issue of the Ethiopia dam, and to avoid the first water wars, and to protect the Horn of Africa from an unplanned armed conflict with consequences.

These collapsed hopes emerged during a speech by the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, during which he explained the reasons that prompted Cairo to resort to the United Nations, as the main body concerned with maintaining peace and security and preventive diplomacy.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, stressed that it is important to put the Al- NAHDHA dam crisis before the Security Council and hold it responsible as the main body concerned with maintaining peace and security and preventive diplomacy.

Shoukry said, during televised statements, that "preventing things from developing in a negative way leads to conflict, and for two years the council has held a public session, which in itself is an achievement that has not happened for 75 years, because the council has been avoiding discussing these issues and that they do not amount to anything but economic scope and river issues.

He pointed out that "the interventions made by the members showed interest in the issue and the need to reach an agreement, and there is a consensus among the members of the Council to reach an agreement through the African track."

He continued: "This is also an achievement, because things will not extend to infinity, and they have a time range in which they operate, and this reinforces what we are proposing and holding the parties politically responsible, and here certainly the Ethiopian party is the party that refuses to show flexibility and negotiations, and therefore it bears the political responsibility, and Egypt I confirmed to the international community and formalized the date and sequence of the negotiations that took place over 10 years."

The Egyptian Foreign Minister stated: “What happened prompted me to refer to the European Union’s statement about its concern about unilateral filling, and the representative of France referred to this in his statement.

The rest of the members addressed the issue of not taking unilateral measures in general terms, in the context of avoiding the first and second filling, and this comes within the framework of Harmony, a position that reflects a balanced attempt to take into account national policies, we must always deal with reality and matters from a realistic standpoint, and it does not prevent us from raising this issue in our contacts with members.

He pointed out that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provoke some member states of the Security Council to avoid talking about Ethiopia's unilateral filling in contacts with council members during the coming period, while expressing dissatisfaction with these positions."

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