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Causes of feeling tired despite frequent sleep Causes of feeling tired despite frequent sleep

Causes of feeling tired despite frequent sleep

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- According to health experts, the number of hours of sleep required for the body at least eight hours a day, but there are people who go to sleep early and sleep up to ten hours a day or more, yet they feel tired and fatigue and show signs of stress the next morning.

If this condition persists, it refers to "chronic fatigue", and this fatigue persists throughout the day and often indicates serious health symptoms.

There are reasons for chronic fatigue:

Iron deficiency

Persistent fatigue may indicate poor iron rates in the blood, which causes the slow transfer of oxygen to the cells of the body through red blood cells.

Women are particularly affected by iron deficiency, according to the German Medical Association.

There are also other signs of iron deficiency, such as hair loss, inability to concentrate and paleness in the face.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

This vitamin is found in the liver, salmon, herring, beef, milk, milk products and eggs. So vegetarians are often affected by the lack of this vitamin.


The body and because of lack of insulin hormone is no longer able to metabolize carbohydrates properly after eating and converting it into energy in the cells of the body.

In this case, you should also check with your doctor for a comprehensive blood test to detect your blood sugar level.

Lack of movement

Those who spend most of their time in front of the computer or work in the office or prefer to sit on the couch to watch television suffer from constant tiredness.

Lack of drinking fluids Doctors and health experts recommend drinking at least one and a half liters of water per day, according to the German site of Hail Braxes.


One who suffers from the sensitivity of the spring and pollen sensitivity knows the complications of allergy prevention drugs called "antihistamines".

These drugs reduce the symptoms of allergy, but they cause fatigue and sleepiness, so doctors are advised to take it before bedtime.

Thyroid problems

The entire body is affected when the thyroid fails to function; because the thyroid gland is the center of hormones in the body and not only controls the metabolism; it also processes other processes in the body.

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