Blood pressure, causes, symptoms, prevention and care

February 10, 2017
Taking the pill along with long-term smoking, relatively speaking, lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease as these two emitters of the main risk factors. Taking the pill along with long-term smoking, relatively speaking, lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease as these two emitters of the main risk factors.

Normal blood pressure

Measuring blood pressure in the patient gives two numbers and both are equally important K top number (numerator) is heading blood from the heart to the tissues and organs pressure, are not supposed to exceed 14.

Minimum number (place), it is the blood pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle diastole. Not supposed to exceed 9 place.

In so doing, it is not supposed to exceed normal blood pressure in adult 14/9.

When blood pressure rises?

High blood pressure in general with any symptoms not associated but may sometimes cause pain in the head and blurred vision ... In the case of a sharp rise in blood pressure, symptoms can be more serious than that.

Often detect hypertension by accident when a doctor examined the patient or the blood pressure screening on a regular basis.

Blood pressure is considered high when more than one or two figures mentioned both the normal limit when measured three times any non-consecutive spaced at intervals.

The causes of high blood pressure

Often do not have the disease a clear reason but it is not strange that we find the other members of the family.

High blood pressure is linked to heart disease and other arteries.

For example, hardening of the arteries is caused by the accumulation of fat and fatty material on artery walls hindering its expansion and thus increases blood pressure in the vessels.

Other diseases such as diseases of the kidney and renal artery stenosis or hormones can lead to high blood pressure disease. In addition

Blood pressure can appear as a result of taking certain medications such as cortisone or pill.

Complications of high blood pressure

When rising blood pressure increases stress the artery walls becomes weak and stretched vessels (such as hernia in antenna template) and then torn apart, and this leads to internal bleeding and death.

When blood pressure rises too much, the left ventricle of the heart to resist this increase continuously, which leads to fatigue of the heart muscle and is unable to do its job, and this is what is called congestive left side of the heart and is reflected on the existing lung above to cause what is known as pulmonary edema.

When blood pressure drops, get the whole heart: This is a general lack of heart.

Each of the blood vessels to the kidneys, eyes and mucous and coronary vessels (which feed the heart) are affected by high blood pressure and become weak with time, and the patient becomes susceptible to kidney failure and retinal disease, ect.

Prevention and care of patients of high blood pressure

Proper diet (little salt and fat) and the proper style of life and the fight against excess weight and regular physical activity are among the factors that are delaying the incidence of high blood pressure.

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