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Health signals of a possible heart attack Health signals of a possible heart attack

Health signals of a possible heart attack

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- A heart attack, a serious medical emergency that requires immediate attention, occurs when the blood supply to the heart is prohibited, causing serious and fatal damage to the heart muscle.

According to Bright Side 8, there are signs that appear a month before a possible heart attack, or even before, according to the Plymouth Live report.

1. Fatigue Unusual levels of fatigue are a major symptom that can indicate an impending heart attack.

Performing simple tasks such as arranging a bed or bathing can become noticeably more difficult, and fatigue levels increase at the end of the day.

Women were found to be more likely to report these symptoms than men.

2- Abdominal pain / Among the most common symptoms are nausea, bloating or upset stomach.

3. Chest pain / chest pain in men, one of the most important early signs, which should not be ignored; but it affects only 30% of women.

This sensation can be permanent or temporary, and includes uncomfortable symptoms in one or both arms (often left), jaw, neck, shoulders and stomach.

4. Insomnia / difficulty sleeping and waking, which is associated with an increased risk of heart attack or brain.

It can also include high levels of anxiety, which is more common among women.

5 - shortness of breath / gives a sense of inability to breathe enough air, and can lead to dizziness and imbalance.

It most often occurs in both men and women for up to 6 months before having a heart attack.

6 - hair loss / indicator of the possibility of a heart attack; where it affects men when they reach 50 years and above.

Women can also be at risk, and more attention should be paid to hair loss from the head crown.

7. Irregular heartbeat / often comes with panic attacks and anxiety; especially among women.

Irregular beats last for 1-2 minutes, and can cause dizziness and extreme fatigue.

8. Excessive sweating / Unusual or excessive sweating can be an early warning sign of a heart attack, and can occur at any time, day or night.

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