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How to activate the bloody cycle How to activate the bloody cycle

How to activate the bloody cycle

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Stimulation of blood circulation is an important health step, for the safety of the body, and to maintain the overall health of man, here we offer easy ways to stimulate blood circulation on a daily basis: -

* Healthy diet: vegetables, fruits and whole grains of the most important foods needed by the body, and stay away from fatty foods and sugars that affect blood circulation functions and hinder the flow of blood naturally.

Foods that can be eaten to stimulate blood circulation: garlic, green pepper, lemon, apple, pear, banana, fish and tea.

* Iron level in the blood is essential for the circulatory system; it is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, one of the main components of red blood cells necessary to carry oxygen.

Iron-rich foods from red meat and spinach help the body maintain its mineral levels in the body. However, too much iron can adversely affect cardiovascular health, so iron-rich foods should not be consumed too much.

* Consider drinking large amounts of water, as it facilitates the arrival of blood to all parts of the body.

Water also compensates for the loss of body fluids during sweating and urination, and it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day to be distributed throughout the day.

* An effective way to stimulate blood circulation easily; is to have a cold or warm bath, this ensures that the blood reaches all parts of the body and organs better.

Getting a bath of cold water from time to time helps to stimulate blood circulation, and gives a feeling of freshness through the arrival of blood to the entire body parts and organs.

Cold water can be placed in the bathtub and seated for a better result, especially during the hot summer season.

A warm bath also helps to expand the veins and arteries, providing more room for blood flow throughout the body.

* Massage helps in the movement of blood circulation easily, and rid the body of negative energy and a sense of tension; it gives him relaxation and psychological calm.

Massage also helps to rid the body of toxins that block circulation.

* Exercise has many benefits to the health of the body; including stimulation of blood circulation; during exercise is the movement of all parts of the body; which helps in the flow of blood well, and helps sport in the organization of breathing and strengthen muscles and maintain flexibility of bones.

Blood pressure: People with low blood pressure are more likely to have poor circulation in the hands during sleep, as well as many other health problems related to circulation.

Therefore, blood pressure levels should be maintained by measuring and following up with a doctor in case of imbalance.

* Standing for some time, where sitting for a long time makes it difficult to flow blood to the lower limbs, so standing will facilitate the flow of blood to the legs.

While you are at work, you should take time to rest and stand instead of sitting.

* Lift your legs up while lying on your back; as sitting for a long time causes difficulty in the return of blood to the heart, and with the lifting of the legs will begin to flow blood to the body organs in the upper area.

In order not to be uncomfortable, the legs can be pointed to the wall while they are lifted up.

A pillow under your legs during sleep ensures that blood reaches different parts of your body.

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