Minor eye changes may indicate serious health problems

Minor eye changes may indicate serious health problems Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: There are a range of symptoms on the eye that may indicate many health problems, and should consult a doctor.

Some of the symptoms on the eye include:

* White rings:

The appearance of white rings around the corneal arch may be a sign of aging, but it may be an indicator of high cholesterol and can predict a stroke.

It may be harmless, but if you are under 45, it may be helpful to see a doctor.

*eye water:

This is a sign that the person spends a long time staring at the computer, and it is time to rest from the screen, when looking at the length of the screen low eyelash rate and tears are absorbed, causing the appearance of water in the eyes.

*Floating objects:

Some people may see small spots that move in their field of vision as if they float in the surrounding space.

* Yellowing of the whites of the eye:

Yellowing of the whites of the eye is a sign of a high risk in the liver, or it may be a strong sign of jaundice, a condition that occurs when there is an excessive amount of blood from a yellowish brown pigment called bilirubin, which consists of the breakdown of red blood cells in the blood.

*Dry eyes:

Dry eyes are a common problem for many, according to experts.

* Tingling eyes:

Tingling occurs when muscles contract and nerve spasms occur, a condition largely associated with fatigue and stress, which requires some relief to get rid of pain.

* Corneal spots:

This condition affects those who wear contact lenses, it is recommended to observe the appearance of white spots on the cornea or visible layer above the forehead of the eyeball, where these signs can indicate the presence of infections in the cornea.

*Low Vision:

They may indicate eye or diabetes problems, which requires a thorough examination of the causes and treatment before they develop.

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