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Understanding America, a long-term project to track the impact of COVID-19 on mental health

Monday, 13 September 2021
An American study: Those vaccinated against (Covid-19) saw an improvement in their mental health An American study: Those vaccinated against (Covid-19) saw an improvement in their mental health A nationwide survey to measure the impact of corona on mental health within the “Understanding America” project

#Vision_Int, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Research on the Corona virus is not over, and the adoption of one and only vaccine against Covid 19 has not occurred, but studies on the side effects of vaccines every period bring new things.

And the world came out of the conspiracy theory and germ warfare, to fears and concerns that studies began to address, and the new of those studies was about the effect of those vaccines on mental health.

The study was conducted at the University of Southern California, and provided evidence that “people who were vaccinated against (Covid-19) experienced less stress afterwards, and saw a clear improvement in their mental health,” and the results of the study were published, the day before yesterday, in the journal “” Plus One".


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of people's lives; Including their employment and financing, health risks, and opportunities for social networking, all of which can affect mental health.
  • COVID-19 patients have experienced psychological consequences, but mental disorders have also emerged in the general population.
  • Several studies have documented elevated levels of psychological distress, including anxiety and suicidal thoughts, in many countries around the world.
  • Several factors have contributed to the increase in mental health problems in the epidemic, and some studies have suggested that “economic concerns were most associated with poor mental health; While concerns about health and social distancing were also related, albeit less robust.

What's new, indicated by the study, prepared by researchers participating in the "Understanding America" ​​research, is that "getting vaccinated greatly improves mental health."

Understanding America is a long-term project set up at the University of Southern California to track the impact of the pandemic in the United States on mental health.

The first part of the project involved sending more than 8,000 surveys to people across the country with questions geared toward measuring how the pandemic is affecting people's mental health in general.

Data from the surveys showed that "the majority of people questioned are experiencing some degree of anxiety and depression as a result of the pandemic."

The team continued to send out questionnaires to the same people every two weeks as a way to measure changes in mental health as the pandemic continued. In this latest survey, respondents were asked about the effects on their mental health after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

The researchers found that "study participants experienced a 15% decrease in the likelihood of experiencing major depression after the vaccination, and a 4% decrease in the likelihood of experiencing mild depression."

The researchers also estimate that based on their data, it is possible that 1 million people would have felt a regression in mental disorders after vaccination.

The researchers also suggested that their data indicate that "vaccinating against (Covid-19) does more than just protect people from infection, and it also significantly reduces the fear and anxiety people feel about the possibility of infection."

They also noted that "there may be more details that have not been addressed"; Noting that they did not ask respondents about the decrease in stress and anxiety due to their loved ones receiving vaccinations.

"The overall project is still ongoing," they added, "and more surveys will be sent out to determine how people feel about the likelihood of infection through the variables and how they might feel after receiving booster doses."

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