Vaccines against the Corona virus, which one is better?

July 17, 2021
Pfizer vaccine boosts immunity tenfold compared to others Pfizer vaccine boosts immunity tenfold compared to others Vaccines that work with "mRNA" technology, greater protection against the Corona virus and its mutations

Vision, Egyptian news vision Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The medical journal "The Lancet" published the results of a study conducted by the University of Hong Kong, which included 1,442 studies from health care workers, on the efficacy of vaccines against the Corona virus.

The study indicated that there are “fundamental differences in the effectiveness of vaccines” against the emerging corona virus, which appeared in this comparison.

The study proved that the recipients of the vaccine that the German company “Biontech” worked on developing with the “Pfizer” company, their immune systems were able to produce antibodies to the emerging corona virus 10 times those formed by the bodies of those who received the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine.

Despite this, the study authors said: Antibodies are not the only measure of the success of a vaccine in fighting a particular disease.

The study also proved that those who received the “Sinovac” vaccine had “similar or lower” levels of antibodies formed by those who had contracted Corona infection and were able to recover from it.

The study provides additional evidence that mRNA-based vaccines offer greater protection against the coronavirus and its mutants.

The researchers pointed out that the data provided by the study indicate that alternative strategies, such as the third booster dose, may be necessary to ensure better protection for those who received the Sinovac vaccine.

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