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Which is more dangerous health? Which is more dangerous health?

Which is more dangerous health?

Which is more dangerous heath? Do not wash hands after getting out of the toilet, or eat unclean meat

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The vast majority of strains of ESBL-E.coli, which cause human infection, do not come from eating chicken or anything else in the food chain, but are easily transmitted from person to person.

E.coli is the most common cause of septicemia; there are pathological conditions caused by highly resistant strains, which produce an enzyme known as Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase.

These bacteria usually live in the intestines of healthy individuals and animals, most of which are harmless to humans.

However some strains can cause food poisoning, urinary tract infections and in the worst cases bloodstream infections.

Professor Livermore and his colleagues arranged the ESBL-E.coli genome for the study, published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Samples were taken from human bloodstream infection, human feces and sanitation, as well as beef and chicken.

The researchers found that the ESBL-E.coli strains extracted from human samples were similar; but they differed from those found in animals.

Good hygiene practices during cooking are still important because other infections can be caught by eating meat, the team said.

But Livermore explained: "Here, in the case of ESBL-E.coli, it is very important to wash your hands after getting out of the toilet, well."

In order to reduce serious colonic bloodstream infections and antibiotic resistance, we should focus on careful hand washing, good infection control, as well as effective management of urinary tract infection.

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