Vision, Dubai: - China Daily said that the Chinese Geospatial Corporation will establish the first line to collect small-sized satellites, using artificial intelligence technologies, in the city of Ohan in central China, and the production capacity will be 240 satellites weighing less than one ton each year.

Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- After the end of the incident of the Chinese missile, which had been flying in space for a few days, before falling in the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean, the American company Rocket Lab, which specializes in the field of space science, announced the loss of one of its electronic missiles, after its launch failed.

Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- The Austrian company "Tech Innovation" has succeeded in creating smart shoes they called "Enomike", which use ultrasound sensors to help the blind and visually impaired to discover obstacles and obstacles with a range of up to four meters.

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - China announced that the "Long March" missile burned out after entering the atmosphere and landing in a sea area.

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - The first and largest Chinese missiles are still wandering around the Earth, while its residents wonder about its fate, and where will this missile fall ??

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - A little more than 400 years later, the "Mayflower 400", the world's first fully autonomous ship, begins its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, soon, from Plymouth, England, and arrives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where it will sail on a course inspired by the original ship, which Brought pilgrims to North America.

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - A Chinese missile, weighing 21 tons, went out of control during its orbit around the Earth and could fall within the next few days; According to "Space News".

The missile is the base platform for the Chinese "Long March 5B" missile, and it was launched recently to carry the first unit of a new space station that Beijing is building in space.

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - Inspired by the bat accused so far of being the source of the Corona virus, experts from the Scottish University of "Glasgow" created a "bat-sense" device, which works with artificial intelligence, capable of generating images by relying on sound alone.

Vision, China: - China launched the "Tianhe" (Celestial Harmony) unit, with the "Long March 5B" missile, from the Wenchang Launch Center, on the equatorial island of Hainan (south), and this is the first of the three components of its "CSS" space station, which will be required to be built in End of 2022 sending about ten missions.

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