Astronomers: Mysterious letters reach the moon - vision
Astronomers: Mysterious letters reach the moon Telescope in Spain to try to interpret mysterious messages up to the moon

Astronomers: Mysterious letters reach the moon

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, United States of America: Astronomers have said that mysterious and incomprehensible messages and signals have been detected up to the moon, so they put a huge telescope in Spain to monitor the phenomenon and try to understand the messages.

Astronomers have detected mysterious light flashes up to the moon's surface, and this happens several times a week.

Experts have made many suggestions about the phenomenon and its relationship to the effects of meteorites or solar charged solar wind particles, which interact with the moon dust. However, scientists have not been able to prove any of these theories.


It is believed from time to time that the outside world or other planets may have creatures we do not know and have not reached, and that these creatures may try to invade space as humans try to invade, and perhaps search for humans as humans search for them.

Researchers from the University of Julius-Maximilians in Wurzburg are trying to uncover the mystery of the lunar flashes.

As a first step, the team built a telescope in Spain that was operated in April 2019.

The telescope consists of two cameras that monitor the moon, where light flashes are recorded for the telescope to take pictures and videos, and then sent to the researchers.

The research team can compare the results with data from the European Space Agency, which also monitors the moon.

The researchers hope the findings will help international space agencies, including NASA and China's National Space Administration, to try to build bases on the moon.

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