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7 New AI Features Coming to Google Workspace

Tuesday, 17 May 2022
7 New AI Features Coming to Google Workspace 7 New AI Features Coming to Google Workspace

(Vision Int,):- The company has announced some new AI-based features that will be available in Google Workspace.

The tech giant Mountain View wants to make it easier to summarize information on Google Workspace apps like Docs through machine learning.

You will also soon notice improved video quality when conducting meetings on Google Meet. Here are 7 upcoming features on Google Workspace.

image recovery

Selfie recovery uses Google's AI technology to improve video calls whether you're sitting in a dimly lit room or using an old webcam.

The feature will automatically improve the video quality so that you can enjoy the enhanced Google Meet experience.

vertical light

On the other hand, Portrait Light uses machine learning to improve lighting in broadcast video.

You will be able to adjust the lighting position and brightness in real time, so that you can show your best appearance in a video.


This feature filters echo in hard-surfaced spaces, so your voice is clear in any environment.

live post

Live Sharing is an upcoming feature that will sync content shared in a Google Meet call and allow participants to control the media.

Auto summaries

Google introduced built-in automated summaries for Google Docs earlier this year. The company is now bringing an automatic summaries feature to Spaces to help users get to the core of long conversations.

Auto Copy

Google is also bringing automated versions of Google Meet meetings into Google Workspace, allowing people to keep up with meetings they were unable to attend.

security protection

Google's security protection for Gmail will also come to Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets.

Google says that one feature will include alerting users about phishing links or malware before opening a document.

These new AI features are expected to roll out to Google Workspace in the coming months.