Artificial intelligence brings Einstein back to life

April 21, 2021
Artificial intelligence brings Einstein back to life Artificial intelligence brings Einstein back to life

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - Artificial intelligence was able to bring the theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, to life, to answer many of the users' questions.

Digital Einstein speaks German with electronic joy. Users can participate in daily tests and ask him personal questions powered by artificial intelligence about science, his life and his work.

The innovation was created by UneeQ, a New Zealand and Austin-based company that specializes in "digital humans," and the release coincides with the centenary of the Einstein Prize in Physics.

Uneeq said in a statement: “Digital Einstein, an example of experimental artificial intelligence, is the next development of human-machine interaction, leveraging digital humans to drive personality-led interactions that move clients, patients, students, and end users beyond transactions, and into meaningful emotional interactions. ".

A physicist, powered by artificial intelligence, can test an individual's knowledge on a variety of topics through his daily test, or he can hold a personal conversation about his life's work and research.

When asked whether time travel would someday be possible, Digital Einstein said: “In theory, yes. One day we will understand how time travel works. However, that would require a time machine the size of the sun, so I don't think That any time soon. "

Digital Einstein, among other digital humans, can communicate with people in a natural way - using conversation, human expressions and emotional responses to provide the best everyday interactions that we hope will make a difference in people.

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