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The electronic game "Fortnite", kills Muslims and destroys the Kaaba

Wednesday, 30 June 2021
The electronic game "Fortnite" incites violence against Islam The electronic game "Fortnite" incites violence against Islam

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The electronic game "Fortnite", contains scenes that incite violence and hatred of Muslims, and embodies the demolition of the Kaaba.

The Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa issued an official statement, stressing the inviolability of such games that call for violence and aim to distort religious beliefs.

In a statement, the center indicated that it "previously warned against some electronic games that kidnap the minds of young people, distract them from their basic tasks of acquiring useful knowledge or work, and lock them up in virtual worlds away from reality, develop violent behaviors, incite them to hate and self-harm or others. ".

The statement added: Among those electronic games is "Fortnite to repeat incidents of hate, violence, murder and suicide because of it, unlike what this game contained of the demolition of the Noble Kaaba in order to obtain privileges within the game, which directly affects our children's faith negatively.

It confuses their concepts and identities, and underestimates their sanctities, their Kaaba, which is the Qibla of their prayers, the destination of their pilgrimage, the place of blessings and blessings, and the first house set up for people, especially since young people and youth are the majority of the audience of this game.

The statement continued: "The Center affirms the sanctity of all electronic games that call for violence or contain false ideas through which it is intended to distort faith, Sharia, or contempt for religion, or call for religious thought, or insulting sacred things, or violence, hatred, terrorism, or self-harm. , or others.

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