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The most prominent actors that can spy on you by watching sex movies

Sunday, 11 December 2016
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The following are the most prominent actors that can spy on the user by watching pornographic content:

  • Internet Provider: people who get Internet connections involvement of some unidentified persons, are subjected to spying by the person who provides them with Internet connection.
  • Hackers: revealed many previous reports on the vulnerability of many different pirated pornographic sites, during which hackers leaking the special access a lot of user data, including name, address, e-mail, browsing history, and other users' important data, which can be slipped user exposing risk.
  • Government: the latest manifestation of spying on pornographic websites users, after he expressed a famous pornographic sites expressed concern about the British spy law asking him to keep a record of users' browsing for a whole year, giving the government all the powers to gain access to the user database has to know all the information about them.
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