Abu Dhabi, Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- The risk of developing a thyroid imbalance increases with age, and while the symptoms and problems that thyroid disease can cause vary from one person to another, the result of thyroid disease remains the same, which is a hormonal imbalance in the body, which affects the metabolism process. , Heart rate, and body temperature.

Abu Dhabi, Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- After the Arctic region turned into a site of geopolitical competition between the member states of the "Arctic Council", Russia warned Western countries of any excesses in the region.

Abu Dhabi, Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- The negotiations on how to share labor and intellectual property between France, Germany and Spain, resulted in the next phase of plans to create a joint European fighter plane, which is a balanced agreement on conducting the necessary research to choose the technology that will support the development of the future combat aircraft system.

Abu Dhabi, Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- "Disneyland" parks published on Twitter the news of the return of life after being interrupted by the Corona pandemic for a year and a half, starting from June 17, 2021, with Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Newport Bay Club and Disney Village.

Abu Dhabi, Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- Amy Dunbar, a Canadian woman who shocked TikTok followers with a 630,000-view video about her birth story.

Abu Dhabi, Vision, UAE:- The world star, Mark Ravallo, managed to collect two million signatures on a petition calling for the imposition of an international punishment on Israel, for its practices against the Palestinian people.

Vision, Dubai: - A study conducted in India proved that the anti-corona vaccines are 97% effective in eradicating the Indian strain.

Vision, Dubai: - Microsoft founder, billionaire, Bill Gates admitted to his sexual deviations within his company, establishing a relationship with an employee.

Vision, Dubai: - China Daily said that the Chinese Geospatial Corporation will establish the first line to collect small-sized satellites, using artificial intelligence technologies, in the city of Ohan in central China, and the production capacity will be 240 satellites weighing less than one ton each year.

Vision, The United Arab Emirates:- For the first time, the US Air Force tested a combat unmanned aircraft, called "Sky Burg", at a military base in Florida, and it carried out a flight that lasted two hours and 10 minutes.

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La France, l'Allemagne et l'Espagne ont convenu de créer un avion de combat européen alternatif au Rafale https://t.co/rp9Gm2yL5t
France, Germany and Spain have agreed to create an alternative European combat aircraft to the Rafale https://t.co/wpFVhanNgN
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